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"Dear Axetec, Just got my recent order and thought some feedback would be nice. I assume it's a consious effort by you guys to obtain and supply ever better quality parts as you go along and it really shows. The order I just recieved for example, the quality of the strat knobs you stock is now fender production level which is just superb, as most suppliers stock that nasty cheapo brittle plastic chinese type. I also just used a set of your new les paul speed knobs with the rubber ring. These are so nice, and the rubber makes it really easy when using a pull pot for coil tapping. The satin steel strat saddles i recieved are spot on too, and the push/push switching pots are just fantastic quality for the price. I also have used several sets of Irongear pickups recently, a pair of Hot Slags and the Blues Engine/Dirty Torque and recommend them without hesitation, they are stunning quality really for such a low cost. Price is always a factor, but its quality that brings loyalty. Keep doing what your doing guys, it puts you way way above the other suppliers.
Many thanks and regards, Glenn at Newtech Guitar Services"
“Having used almost every one of your pickup range in both my own and customers guitars I have to say the quality and value for money of your pickups is incredible. I've been modifying guitars for over 20 years now and up until recently I had been recommending Seymours, Dimarzios or EMGs (I must try your actives at some point) because the cheaper brands just didn't cut it. I came across your pickups via a customer who purchased some Hammer Heads for a Dean Flying-V. After I'd fitted them I was stunned at the quality of the sound especially at such a keen price point. I also have to comment on the accessories I have purchased from you. The pickup surrounds I purchased from you earlier this week were the best I've seen in a long while; the plastic is thick and they are very sturdy when compared to the flimsy ones everyone else seems to supply. The finish and feel of your locking machine heads are to be frank incredible for £23 a set. Finally the Les Paul toggle switch has a solid feel and the gold finish is flawless. As I think I've mentioned before we (at the shop) have been making our own custom guitars. We take a good budget guitar e.g. A Chord Stratocaster change the pickups, upgrade the hardware and give them a thorough set-up. I have been using your pickups on these guitars and from now on will be using your machine heads.
Wishing you continued success.” - Paul Waring, George's Music Store

"Axetec have been a great company to deal with. Great pries, professional staff and GREAT SERVICE (something lacking from most companies these days) Thanks again," - Ben, Sheffield

“I have bought a number of items recently off your excellent web site, which I discovered with a random Google search. I have found your service to be excellent, supplying excellent quality goods at a good price, and post free. I am particularly impressed with the Hot Slag pickup bought recently, which replaced a rather poor Telecaster type neck pickup on my home made travel guitar. This new pickup blew my hat off when I first plugged in, and I am amazed at the quality of it. I bought a digital processor recently which brought my guitar alive, but the Hot Slag has brought the pedal and the guitar alive. I have routed a slot for a bridge pick up and will buy a bridge position "Hot Slag" when funds permit. I'll be back ;-)” – Stan, Wigan

"What can I say...?!? The Steam Hammers are just... well... PERFECT. All the time I've been building this guitar (it's my third scratch-build, but my first "proper" attempt) I've been trying to imagine what it should sound like. With the Steam Hammers in place, it matches the sound I've been hearing in my head for the last few weeks. I'm a bit of a fan of the "controlled big and dirty" (Vai, Satriani) sound that you can only get with quality pickups. My wife said I had the biggest, silliest grin on my face that she's seen for a long time when she came downstairs to see who had detonated a small tactical nuke in our living room. I was using my ancient valve Orange, a Biyang overdrive and Biyang delay pedal. The sound is just shattering. It's big, it's controllable, it SINGS! The pickups have tremendous power, but are never "screechy". They gather every nuance and subtlety of string tone (even sliding harmonics sound great) no matter what the volume. I've wired them with a coil tap (using a switched volume pot) and they sound great either as single or double-coil. In single-coil operation, they've got that wonderful "bell" tone of a good Strat. In double-coil they sound like I've always wanted a Les Paul to sound. In short, I'm blown away by these pickups. I'm already planning guitar number four - and the first item on the shopping list is another pair of Steam Hammers. I'm in sonic heaven. I've found my dream pickups! Just to add to this testimonial, almost every part of this guitar was supplied by Axetec. Apart from the timber, the pickup surrounds and the bridge, Keith sourced the rest of the hardware. Even when I approached him with a request for a mismatched (4 by 2) set of machineheads, the answer was a straightforward (and cheerful) "No problem. Send me a pic of what you have in mind". I did and they were there the next day! I even mentioned that I prefered chrome humbucker rings. "Watch this space, I'm going to be getting some" was Keith's reply. I thought I'd push my luck and mention that I quite fancied some chrome single-coil pickup rings for another project. The same "leave it with me" approach. With Axetec, I've found that the customer isn't just someone who's buying a few bits from a website. There's a REAL person at the other end of your order, who genuinely cares about what you really want. Thanks Keith :-)"

Paul, Dragondreams Music, Normanton

"Ha! I'm soooo happy with the Rolling Mill pickups that arrived 24hrs after placing my order. I removed the DiMarzio's from my Gibson LP and installed the RM's in 30 minutes. I plugged it into my micro cube first, just to test things were OK and I heard Jimmy Page Heartbreaker coming out of the speaker. Never has my LP sounded like this - total vintage with some extra power in there. So off to my HiWatt 50 Combo and WOW !!! If you include these comments on your website I would like everyone who reads this to know they will not be dissapointed and I plan to upgrade my ESP Horizon NT2 from Seymour Duncans to the Steam Hammers. I dont' know how you do it for the price but these are awsome sounding pieces of hardware. I have owned many guitars over 30 years and tried many different pickups in them and these really do leave them all behind." - Graeme, Leeds

"I installed HOT SLAGS in a twin humbucker strat project guitar I put together from parts. I wired them as per my Les Paul, but with a coil tap switch (thanks for the diagram !!). Just played my first gig with the guitar, and for the first time in 11 years, my Les Paul stayed in it's case !! The HOT SLAGS are truly versatile pick-ups. Just using the Crunch Channel on my Marshall TSL, I was able to find tones from cutting strat/tele, through mild and moderate blues crunch, to full blown hard rocking filthy overdrive far in excess of my Les Paul, just using the pick-up selector and volume control on the guitar !! Far more potent and versatile than my Les Paul standard pick-ups. Absolutely cracking value for money, and with better definitiion than more expensive pick-ups I have used in other guitars. Thanks again." - Stuart Powell, Guitar player with Mr Bones (

"Just want to say thanks for the Steam Hammers, (I've) had a few days to appraise.
I can't believe the quality, both in presentation and performance, at such a price.
The range of sounds I can get (fitted in a Patrick Eggle Berlin) is amazing, and authentic.
Split, Out-of-phase, and full on, they deliver. Thanks for a great service." - David, Worthing

“I am not normally in the habit of writing testimonials, but I was extremely impressed by the speed, efficiency, quality of product, and value for money which was exhibited in my recent order (RC2854020). I would have no hesitation in recommending you. Thank you.” – Gordon, Orkanger, Norway.

I just recieved and fitted one of your Hot Slag pickups to the bridge of my Les Paul and I have to say, for the price its unbelievable! So much tone and definition. Its great to see a UK company offering quality gear at such reasonable prices. I'll definitely be recommending you to friends and I've got my eye on a Rolling Mill to replace my neck pickup in the near future. My hat goes off to you sirs!
Pete, Shropshire

Well I am truly amazed at the Hot Slag Pickups I received last week from a very friendly and professional dealer in The UK, Keith was a real pleasure to do business with, as i am in the sales department at Musikhaus Thomann in Germany I do see through a lot of internet sales and the whole transaction was perfect in every way. As for the Pickups , I read a little about them as you do on several forums and thought I should try a pair in my Edwards JP relic as i was a little bit dissapointed with the Se***** Dun***s that were stock as the guitar itself is a real nice piece of work, I did as well have a pair if Gi*s** 57´s in.. but at £ 22,00 each for the Hot Slags I was tempted and well you know what!! I'm really glad I did and with the money i get for the 57´s I will definitely be buying another pair to fit in my other Les Paul I own which has AN Other well know brand in there as in my honest opinion the IronGear Humbuckers are Clear, strong, well built and presented, relativley Linear across the frequency range covering all tones my ( or any ) guitar gives out for that matter, all the best in the future and as long as the quality control does´nt slip from the manufacturers a lot of customers will be pleasantly suprised to say the least. I will not be spending any more silly money on BRAND names again.

“I came across Irongear last Summer for the first time when I was building a superstrat project guitar and I finally ordered a pair of Smoke Stacks and a Hot Slag (bridge) instead of the EMG’s I was intending to get. To say I was stunned at the tone and output was an understatement! Since then I have replaced the original pickups on my Les Paul with a beautiful pair of Rolling Mills and upgraded my BC Rich Bitch by installing a pair of VERY mean Hammerheads. Awesome pickups at a great price with fast delivery and superb customer service…keep it up!” – Tom, Telford

"Regarding the "Jailhouse Rail" in particular , this is without a doubt the best pickup I have ever heard! It has all the low end grunt you could ever want, but with a super smooth and creamy high mid response, which frankly blew me away. It tracks my pick strokes perfectly, allowing the sound to vary from super hard thrash metal to great sleazy rock tones without having to adjust the settings on either the guitar or amp. Fantastic." - Davey, West Lothian

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the extremely fast processing and delivery of my order. I've read the customer feedback on the site and in forums, but it's only when one actually experiences it that they can appreciate it. Keep up the good work, I look forward to placing some more orders with you in the future!" – Sam, London

"I ordered my items late Wednesday night, arrived Friday morning. Great price and useful information given on the phone. Keith you are a star, use AXETEC for your parts because they give a brilliant service. All the best for the future." - Jeff Collins, West Midlands

“I recently bought a Steam Hammer bridge pup to slap in an Ibanez RGR321EX. It came with 'Designed by EMG' Ibanez pickups, which were just plain shite, and then I had an EMG 81 & 60 set in it, but they were too harsh….the Steam Hammer was a revelation. I'd become disillusioned by overpriced pickups, and I'd heard great things about IronGear by word-of-mouth, so I chose a Steam Hammer bridge model for in the neck of the Ibby. Needless to say, I practically orgasmed at the result. Okay, it's voiced and spaced for the bridge, but I wanted something slightly hotter in the neck.. and it delivers. It's smoother and fatter by far for clean and lead work, than my EMG 60, and annihilates the poor excuses for pickups that manufacturers put in as stock. I've got my eye on a Hamer Standard (explorer style), which will get a Steam Hammer set in it, as soon as it's mine. Seriously, I couldn't believe my luck - £22, and I got an awesome pickup, which actually looks killer too, and you guys even ship them in cool boxes.. for £22! Legends, the lot of you. Anyway, thank you!” – Stu, Gloucester

“Thank you for the quick delivery of my order, I have fitted the Pickups (Neck & middle Pig Iron and an Alchemist 90) to an Old Sunn Mustang Strat copy (I have replaced the original Bridge Humbucker with the Alchemist) a bit of an unusual setup !! What a difference in sound! I did expect an improvement but the change is remarkable, all the classic Strat sounds are there plus that extra something that P90’s seem to have. The Electric kit was first rate too!! I would no hesitation in recommending your pick ups. By the way the strings are pretty good too!" – John, Hull

"The Rolling Mills are fantastic! They have totally saved a guitar that I haven't picked up for several years." – Joe, Exeter

"I installed two Pig Iron pickups in the neck and middle of my no-brand Oriental thru-neck HSS superstrat. Wow! These pickups deliver the goods in spades, and not just in the tone (wonderfully glass like and chimey in the neck, nice and jangly in the mid) but the dynamic response to these pickups is incredible. I put an old DiMarzio PAF Pro in the bridge slot, and it just sounds dull in comparison. I'll be buying a Rolling Mill to replace it!" - Gordon, Garstang

"I finally got my pair of SteamHammers installed into my Epiphone SG....WOW! I was expecting some kind of improvement in sound over the stock hardware but nothing prepared me for the leap my instrument has taken since the SteamHammers have taken up residence. They are aggressive and have bite and awesome sustain but are also incredibly versatile for the mellower end of the spectrum. I will definitely be getting IronGear pickups when the time comes to update my Explorer. I got fantastic service from my first enquiries to delivery and even afterwards, I said it before but I will say it again....WOW!" - Ben, London

"Thank you for the superb pair of Steam Hammer pickups. They've turned a great guitar into something that, sound wise, blows the real thing out of the water, with not a hint of muddiness. Brilliant :-) A very satisfied customer." - Ian, New Mills

"Having received my new Rolling Mill pickups for my LP (within 20 hours of placing the order!) I installed them last night. The transformation is amazing. I had an old DiMarzio SD in the bridge and an old Gibson in the neck. I have to say that these pickups are the best thing I have ever heard on my LP. I was after a classic/vintage Paul Kossof type sound and these fit the bill perfectly." - Paul, Stockport

"Frankly I'm STUNNED by the Steel Twins. If this thing was a car, it'd have a secret V8 with a turbo and nitrous lurking in the boot. Through the Mesa, these things sound awesome. Beautifully balanced range of sounds - and enormous power on tap when I want to upset the neighbours. I've wired them with a coil tap and a phase reversal setup and the sheer range of sounds these pickups produce has blown away the rest of my collection (prior to tonight, my favourite guitar was another Tele with a pair of Seymour Duncan hotrail humbuckers). I will definitely be ordering the Hot Slag and another Steel Twin bridge from you soon." - Paul, Dragondreams Music, Normanton

"I just bought a pair of IronGear Hot Slag zebra pickups and they are just as good as I thought they would be. Perfect, just perfect" - Jimmy, Fife

"(I fitted) the Hot Slag pickup in my Epiphone Les Paul Classic (bridge) and I have to say how impressed I am. The tone is so much clearer than the old stock pickup - very clean and bright when natural and very powerful with good definition when overdriven or distorted. All in all a very well made pickup and I am very happy with it." - Paul, Southend-on-Sea"

"After buying a bridge "Rolling Mill" I was so impressed that I have now got the matching neck unit. An all round improvement on my guitar. How do you do it for the money? The sound is way better than I expected. Just thought I'd let you know how pleased I am with the product and your service." - Brian, Durham

"Regarding the Smoke Stack, I honestly don't know how you do it. What an absolute beauty! As sweet as a nut with a shimmering top end. Real sparkle and zing. There is a purity of sound I honestly haven't noticed before on other Strat pickups. (Must be the 12K plus) Pick the strings between the bridge and the middle pickup and you get a nice rich twang. Move up to between the middle and neck and the tone mellows out beautifully. Play it above the 19th fret and you're in full flutely strat heaven! Rich bottom-end too. The coil-split together with the middle pickup produces an almost acoustic guitar sound, great for rhythm. Very articulate and dynamic - medium pick strokes produce nice even tones, but dig in and it starts to snarl. I think everyone who buys these pickups should get a free packet of dog biscuits - just in case ..." - Dave Scott, Hartlepool

"Verdict? (on the IronGear Hot Slag) Absolutely superb. This is exactly the Les Paul bridge sound I was wanting to hear. It's all there - the bark, the sustain, the definition - tight bottom end, lovely growly mids and perfect highs and something else I noticed - when you roll off the volume there's no loss of either definition or presence - and there's a really nice chime to it. Split the coils and it's almost Telecaster territory! Yikes! There's nothing I don't like about this pickup." - Dave Scott, Hartlepool

".....and if anything goes wrong, there's no worries about getting it sorted. Cracking customer service all round." - Mr O'Neill, Leics

"The (Rolling Mill) I have sounds way more expensive, and believe me, I have been through a LOT of pickups in the neck, and this is as close to 'my' sound as I have came across, wish I had known about them before, could have saved a small fortune." - Jon, Sussex

"I was completely blown away (by the IronGear Steam Hammers) smooth, so responsive and a hell of a good sustain." - Nev, Anglesey

I've played the Pig Irons for about a week now and I have to say much as I liked them at first......I LIKE THEM EVEN MORE NOW!!!! They really do sound lovely. Strat-y, chiming, twangy and quacking can all be had in good measure." - Paul, Kilmarnock.

"Excellent service and high quality pickups . IronGear (Rolling Mills) provide a serious alternative to the major pickup manufacturers!" - Pete Gloucester.

"Excellent pickups (Rolling Mills) and truly excellent service! Ordered yesterday and they arrived in today's post. Already fitted into my RG550, they sound fantastic for everything from Fender cleans to Iron Maiden rawk. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone." - Peter - New Moon Amps

"Excellent Steamhammer pick up just fitted to my Pacifica bridge position. Has transformed the guitar at a fraction of the cost of more famous brands. First class service and next day delivery, will certainly use again." - Dave, Lincoln

"Keith, Thanks for all your help, great advice and fast service, can't be beaten!" - Ian Taylor, North Wales

"Very pleased with the speed of delivery, the standard of the stuff and the prices. I will be back for more" - Den, Leics

"Great, speedy and friendly service, would definitely use again!"
Carl - Stockton on Tees

"Serious quality at an amazing price, and friendly and very fast service - a definite "thumbs-up"! - Tom, London

"I ordered a scratchplate at lunchtime and it arrived the next morning. Wow! Excellent service. Good quality products and keen prices too" - Larry, London

"I've installed the Rolling Mill in the bridge of my LP, sounds fantastic - along the lines of Billy Gibbons tone to my ears. Fantastic service, pickup sent next day delivery, beautifully packed and ready for action!" - Tom, Newcastle

"Ordered Thursday afternoon and it arrived 1st thing Friday. Top notch service. Plus, I saved £30! Awesome." - KD, Fife
"Amazing amount of help both times I have ordered from Axetec, both times being IronGear pickups, the first being Dirty Torque/Blues Engine to go in my USA Jackson, fantastic pickups, anything from Classic Rock to Metal, beautiful cleans as well, they replaced Seymour Duncans, the difference is night and day.
The second was a set of Hot Slags in my Gibson SG, I replaced the stock pickups with Dimarzio Tone Zone bridge, Air Norton neck, I struggled to get the classic rock tone from these, in went the Slags, instantly I have AC/DC, Gary Moore and ZZ Top without any problems, anyone else who is struggling with how cheap IronGear pickups are, forget it, I will never put anything else in any of my guitars again, Keith is a fountain of knowledge and a true gentleman." - Steve, Gainsborough
"I fitted the replacement unit last night and it works a dream. Many thanks for your excellent customer service. Just so you know: I usually decide on my chosen retailers based on the quality of the product, the quality of customer service and a price that tells me I am getting what I pay for. Like most customers new to Axetec I was dubious at first although from personal experience I truly believe there might as well be no other retailers to choose from in this market! I have been a customer for a few years now and I have recommended you to quite a few friends and acquaintances. All happy customers I hasten to add.
I find it very hard to believe that, even if your prices were higher, there was another retailer somewhere on Earth who could provide what you do in terms of quality. I will soon be permanently relocating to Australia and I can tell you that Axetec will still be my number one choice (trust me, I've looked, you are the best in the world). Thanks again for everything you do, and I look forward to my next purchase - no matter how old I get it's always like Christmas day! Kind Regards, Tom Williams"
"Just received black nickel straplocks. Really speedy service and quality product. Half the price of the Schaller equivalent and perfect colour choice to go with my black nickel hardware (Schaller don’t supply black nickel straplocks)? Was really surprised at how quick the service was and didn’t expect to get the product so quickly. Well packaged too. Easy to fit and also a larger washer than the Schaller which I thought was too small and cut into the strap too much. It’s good to see quality vendors out there selling quality products at affordable prices. Great service." - Anthony Daly, Manchester
"The reasons I buy from Keith at Axetec: If you order before lunchtime, Next day delivery ALWAYS ARRIVES - ALWAYS! and I live in Scotland! TOP QUALITY components - never had one fail yet! My gold covered Blues Engine bridge pickup arrived today. Quickly tested with multimeter. All OK! Going into an old Squier Katana to give it more grrrrrrr! I am amazed by the overall quality of these pickups. Baseplate professionally stamped. Flawless finish. The wires are even stripped and pre=tinned with solder - I've used many other pickups - SD DiM and the like but none prepared as well as the Blues Engine straight out of the box. Well impressed. This is what customer service is all about THANK YOU!" - John Johnson, Livingston
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