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What people are saying about the IronGear PLATINUM 90 Soapbar Single Coil
"Just a note to say that I recently purchased a pair of Platinum 90 pickups from you to install in a Vintage Les Paul Gold Top copy. They are brilliant. The sound is incredible. They sound as good if not better than my genuine Les Paul. I would recommend these and your company to anyone looking to purchase new pickups. I have this morning ordered a Hot Slag for another of my guitars and can't wait to get it fitted" - John Elgar, Cambridgeshire
"Wahey! Fitted the Platinum 90's to my new "Telemaster" (thinline Tele with Jazzmaster trem) and they sound fantastic! Excellent definition, clarity and punch. Crunch up nicely through my Vox... Anyone out there questioning the quality of these pickups at this price, fret not - they're brilliant! Thanks guys." - Matt (Belgium)
“Just wanted to say a couple of words about your Platinum 90 pickup. I installed it in the bridge of my Gibson Melody Maker and have lived with it for a few months now and am really happy with the results. It’s an extremely smooth and balanced pickup, with a lovely sweet high end, and so responsive to volume roll off-and pick dynamics. I've got a collection of some really nice, high end pickups from the likes of Tim White, WCR, Shed plus the usual Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio and I have to say hearing the Platinum 90 has made me resent the amount I've spent on other pickups over the last few years.” – Matt, Basildon
“Bought the Platinum 90 and overwound Rolling Mill to go in my first rebuild project; a crappy old Ibanez Strat copy. I was originally just going to go with the H-S-S configuration of the original but decided to think outside the box a bit instead, hence the humbucker bridge and P-90 neck. I just wanted to say that these pickups are bloody fantastic! Individually they sound good, but running them together is just awesome... brilliant cleans and more than enough grunt and growl for slow, doomy metal tunes when the overdrive is cranked up and the fuzz is piled on... more so in fact than the high output Duncans that are in my Jackson! I have a few more projects lined up and they'll all be getting IronGear pickups!” - Doug McKerracher, Swindon
I built my take of '54 Les Paul Gold Top (Spanish cedar body, maple cap, mahogany neck, rosewood board) and wanted a great P90 sound.  I have played P90's ranging from Mity Mite to Lollar and Fralin's.  These pickups sound incredible; the bite and aggressiveness are definitely there.  They sound amazing both clean and overdriven. Think of any great artist who uses them and these sound like that.  Thanks for bringing great tone to the masses.” - Brian T., Austin, TX USA (24/5/15)
"Hi Guys, happy with my set of Platinum 90's. Put them in my 1998 LP Special. Bought this guitar with already P-90's in it. The guy delivered me also the original stacked Gibson P-100 with it. The PU's who where on it were SD's. Bit too hot for my taste and the original Gibbies P-100 are dull. So I gave these Platinum 90 ones a try. Well they may stay. Lively, good in balance ( The SD's were surely not.....) and the sound is quite vintage, Nice clean and growling when I put the volume up. And that for this price....No need anymore for so-called "boutique”PU's. I use your Steel Foundry PU's too on several Telecasters. Best I had ever. Keep up the good work guys...I love it!” - Dick Zoeteweij, Netherlands (3/2/16)
From £31.95 inc' VAT
IronGear Platinum 90 Classic Single Coil "Soapbar" Pickup
The classic P90 "soapbar" pickup design has been around since the 1950's. We've taken the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to the Platinum 90 and made a pickup with all the clarity and depth that should be expected from this design. IronGear wanted to ensure that this pickup had all of the "clang" needed for great rock tones and enough smoothness and refinement for blues and jazz. They work equally well in solid, or semi-acoustic bodies. All of the usual IronGear trademark features are present in the Platinum 90; quality, precision and attention to detail. We think more guitars should have pickups made like this!
Technical Specifications
500kOhm Pots, .047µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Recommended Components
The Platinum 90 is perfect Rock, Blues and Jazz alike..
Dimensions: L: 85 mm, W: 35 mm, H: 16 mm
Supporting Information
Supplied complete with Screws & Springs,
DC Resistance:
Neck: 8.0kOhm
Pole Spacing:
Neck: 50mm
Magnet Type: Alnico V
Coil Wire: 42 AWG enamel
Baseplate: Custom Etched Nickel Silver
Conductors: 2 Conductor Braided Wire
Format: Single Coil Soapbar
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Wiring Diagrams
Bridge Stock:
Neck Stock:
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